Project Description

Montaña Azul

Feature film by Joy Penroz
Magical Realism ⎪ in development

Eleonore travels to the south of Chile with her boyfriend Martin, looking for her roots. Guided by Lincoyan, a young man from the area, she will experience an encounter with the land and their ancestors, making an old legend come to life.

Director’s statement: Blue Mountain is an ecological tale inspired by Pehuenche legends, the indigenous people from the Andes of Araucania in southern Chile. Based on actual fights against dam projects in the region, this story tells the adventure of a young teenage girl, between drama and fantasy, by taking the path of magical realism with a strong attachment to nature.


Sylvain Grain / Raki Ltda.
Sébastien Onomo / Les Films d’Ici


CNC (French national center for cinema)