Project Description

Nikté-Ha, Journey to the Mayan Waterworld

Large Format 3D Documentary by Joy Penroz ⎪ In Development

“NIKTEHA – Journey to the Mayan Waterworld” is a documentary-fiction film that invites you on an extraordinary journey to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, land of beauty and legends. Along with Nikté-Ha, a young Mayan girl, we will dive into the heart of the Mayan culture and encounter an extraordinary biodiversity from the Caribbean Sea to the tropical rainforest, home of the majestic jaguar. Through her unique relationship with nature and the magical world of her ancestors, we will enter the mysterious cenotes, millenary natural wells, and discover the importance of preserving an endangered treasure: WATER.

Title: Nikté-Ha, Journey to the Mayan Waterworld
Director: Joy Penroz
Script: Joy Penroz
Executive Producers: Sylvain Grain, Nicole Maynard Pinto
Coproduction: Raki Films (Chile), CineFeral (Mexico)

Languages: Maya – Spanish – English
Duration: 60 minutes / 40 minutes
Shooting format: Digital 8K / stereoscopic-3D
Exhibition formats: Digital IMAX 3D / Digital 3D  / Digital 4K / Special Dome version

Filmed in 3-D in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

Teaser #1 – English