Project Description


Feature film by Joy Penroz⎪ Magical Realism ⎪ In Development

In a small mountain village in southern Chile, ancient Mapuche indigenous cursed the young Pehuencura to loneliness and eternal life in the Blue Mountains. Today, a young teenager girl named Ailin feels rejected by the sexist and close-minded inhabitants of her village. As the people is working on the construction of a hydroelectric power station that will change the local ecosystem, the lives of Ailin and Pehuencura cross in the Blue Mountain. From their friendship will come a dark adventure that will radically change the fate of the village and its people.
Title: Montaña Azul (aka Blue Mountain)
Director: Joy Penroz
Script:Joy Penroz
Executive Producer: Sylvain Grain

Language: Spanish
Format: Digital 4K 3D

Filmed in the region of Araucania, Southern Chile, and the region of Neuquen, Argentina.

Project granted by the Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 (France – England) – Script Writing laboratory for 3D independent features films.