Project Description

Children of Water

Documentary Transmedia Project by Joy Penroz & Sylvain Grain ⎪ In Development

Around the world, children of ancient civilizations are rediscovering the secrets of their ancestors and transforming their legacy in great answers to one of the largest ecological challenges: WATER.

The Children of Water is a MULTI-PLATFORM EDUTAINMENT [Entertainment & Education] project using the ultimate technologies of visualization and storytelling to take the audience on an IMMERSIVE journey to discover the secrets of water all around the world. The project includes a large format 3D (IMAX®) documentary-fiction film, a TV documentary series, an Educative mobile App and a Virtual Reality experience (VR 360° 3D).

This project aims to offer a new approach of ecology through the eyes and the magic of childhood to spread a message of conservation and hope to young generations worldwide.

Project selected for the pitch sessions of Cross Video Days 2016 and Cross Video Days at Next – Festival de Cannes 2016.

Title: Children of Water
French title: Les Enfants de l’eau
Director: Joy Penroz
Executive Producers: Sylvain Grain, Muriel Barra, Nicole Maynard Pinto
Coproduction: Raki Films (Chile), Lato Sensu Productions (France), Cineferal (Mexico)

+ TV series
Language: International version
Duration: 5×52 minutes
Shooting format: Digital 5K
Exhibition formats: UHD TV / BluRay 4K / DVD / VOD

+ Large format 3D documentaryNikté Ha, Journey to the Mayan World
+ VR 360° Experience
+ Educative mobile App