RAKi is a production company from southern Chile

Created in 2013 by filmmaker Joy Penroz (Chile) and producer Sylvain Grain (France), Raki Films aims to develop features films, documentaries and new media projects by melting a strong awareness for the environment and indigenous cultures, with a unique experience in state-of-the-art technologies of cinematography (3D, IMAX & VR 360°).

In mapudungun (language of the Mapuche, natives of southern Chile), RAKi is the ibis bird and means “Bon voyage!”.

Our emblem is our invitation to building cultural bridges with regions of the world that share the same passion for discovery and creation.


We produce films, documentaries and new media


We experienced and keep working in innovative territories (giant screen cinema / stereoscopic-3D / 360° VR / Apps)


We offer services and coproduction to international projects.

Joy Penroz

Born Santiago de Chile, she grew up in the mountains of Araucania in southern Chile and lived alongside the Mapuche communities who taught her about their culture and worldview, which led to her desire to tell stories about indigenous peoples. She studied at the School of Arts of Yucatan, Mexico, and specialized in Film Direction at the Film School of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. After working as an editor, line producer and assistant director in Mexico, Spain and Chile,  she directed in 2011 her first short film and in 2012 won the Chilean Audiovisual Fund for “El Salto de la Princesa“, short film shot in the region of Araucania and winner of several national and international awards.

She is currently developing two movies projects, to be shot in stereoscopic 3D,  as writer and director: “Montaña Azul” (aka “Blue Mountain”), feature film based on a legend from the natives Mapuche in southern Chile, and “Nicté-Ha – Journey to the Mayan Waterworld“, a large format documentary about water and the mayan culture in the peninsula of Yucatán in México.

Sylvain Grain

After being graduated in 2007 from Université Paris 8 – A.T.I. Dept. with a Master’s degree in “Arts and Technologies of Digital Images”, Sylvain Grain became one of the most active specialists of the european Stereoscopic-3D cinema community. Founding member of the nonprofit organization 3D Guild, co-founder of the French production company N3D LAND Films, he has 7 years of experience in producing Large Format 3D documentary (“Sea Rex : Journey to the Prehistoric World”, ” D-Day: Normandy 1944″) and several international awards. Since 2011, he is part of the 3D Image Network, an initiative of the Institute of Communication and Image (ICER) of the University of Chile, with the aim of supporting the development of stereoscopic-3D in Chile. In 2013 he co-founded Raki Ltda. and he is now dedicated to the development and production of innovative film projects between southern Chile and France.